Schallplatte zur Ausstellung: Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound 003

“Intergalactic Research Institute for Sound comes back with two fresh pieces from Georgian artists Zesknel and Irakli.

Two dreamy and airy soundscapes which aspire to depict and recreate the atmosphere of the Georgian capital. To do so, they asked for the help of Rezo Glonti / Aux Field who proceeded to make field-recordings in Tbilisi. This work served as a base in order to create something unique and true to the city.

The project is part of a sound installation which aims to blend architecture with sound. The idea of the two artists was to conceive a space where they could translate the spirit of Tbilisi. Inside that space will be found works exhibited by other Georgian artists. And this is all part of the exhibition ‘Lara Protects Me. Eine Georgische Erzählung’ at the Museum Angewante Kunst Frankfurt.”

Mastering A & B: Tim Xavier // Manmade Mastering
D*: @Arkita Studio

A. – Irakli + Zesknel – The Moment Just
B. – Irakli + Zesknel – Not So New
D* -Irakli + Zesknel – Evening Prayers

Cover artwork by David Meskhi
Project is part of exhibition “Lara protects me, A Georgian Story” at Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt am Main