home.frankfurt.telaviv Moderation Panel-Talk: Making Stories visible

home.frankfurt.telaviv was an exchange project with feminist artists from Frankfurt and Tel Aviv organized by the Department of Women‘s Affairs in Frankfurt in cooperation with the Frankfurt Historical Museum and the Hessian Agency for Civic Education. The topic was “home” and its aim was to encourage for solidarity and collective perspectives in times of global division and social crises. I moderated the panel-talk “Making Stories visible”. Through their art, the participating artists search for new forms and practices of commemoration. Memory is defined as a process during which we acknowledge experiences and make stories visible. What relevance do individual and collective remembrance have for our home, our identities and for our artisticwork? Which artistic perspectives have social resonance and why? Which stories or biographies are remembered – and which are not?

With: Anny und Sibel Öztürk, Noga Or Yam, Elianna Renner, Naama Roth
Moderation: Halit Michaeli (curator, Tel Aviv) and Dr. Mahret Ifeoma Kupka (Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt).

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Photos © Katharina Dubno