Decolonial Dialogues: Restitution as an end or starting point: What happens after the return?

Return of ancestors and restitution of stolen cultural property are important steps towards coming to terms with colonial injustice. But restitution should not be the end point of the entangled history of survivors and descendants of perpetrators, but should enable the transition to a new relational ethic. What needs to happen for politics, museums and the public in Europe to move in this direction? What expectations do the communities of origin and their governments have of the former colonial powers for the time after restitution? And how can future-oriented cooperation grow out of such processes?


Molemo Moiloa, artist, Museum Futures Africa, Open Restitution Africa, South Africa
Sylvie Njobati, restituition activist / founder Sysy House of Fame, Cameroon
Dr. Oluwatoyin Zainab Sogbesan, architect, cultural historian, art and heritage specialist, and museologist, Nigeria
Dr. Richard Legay, senior researcher, Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institut, Germany
Prof. Dr. Andreas Mehler, director, Arnold-Bergstraesser-Institut, Germany
Dr. Mahret Ifeoma Kupka, art scholar / curator, Museum Angewandte Kunst, Frankfurt a. M.

Moderation: Aisha Camara

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