Decolonial Dialogues: Nature conservation and resource exploitation in a (neo-)colonial context

The industrialisation of the Global North, which has played a significant role in the climate crisis on its current scale, would not have been possible without the (violent) exploitation of the natural resources of the Global South. At the same time, nature conservation was an integral part of the colonial project. The “preservation of nature” in its “wild” state served to secure power and was closely linked to land grabbing, expulsion and oppression.
Both continue to have a massive impact today and still shape local landscapes and European-African relations. In our last event, we would like to get to the bottom of this and, in our dialogue, find a common starting point for the global fight against the climate crisis.


Dr. Shruti Nath, Climate Analytics, Berlin
Prof. Dr. Aby Sène, Clemson University, USA
Dr. Bernhard Gißibl, Leibniz Institute of European History, Mainz
Dr. Philmon Ghirmai, State Chair Alliance 90 / The Greens Berlin

Moderation: Aisha Camara

More info and Video recording.