Soil Conversations. Text contribution: Not quite white anymore

Soil Conversations was launched in 2021 by independent curator Nisha Merit. 
Although it is a time of post-pandemic reflections on the human condition in relation to nature and technology, it was guided more by the idea of exhibition design under the premise of Process as Practice. Merit lives in Johannesburg and is rooted in Berlin. Soil Conversations is a connection between cities and brings artists, writers, and performers into the process. This first edition is co-curated by Yolanda Kaddu-Mulindwa, director of the municipal Galleries Neukölln, with the support of her curatorial assistants Nina Marlene Kraus and Beatris Wakaresko. The concept of Soil Conversations was written by Nisha Merit in collaboration with writer, curator, and artist Lindiwe (Lindi) Mngxitama. 

I was lucky enough to contribute a text to this project. I wrote about my first visit to my mother’s village in Igboland. My village…

Please read Not quite white anymore in English here.
Nie wieder ganz weiß ist auf Deutsch hier zu finden.